Nick Gill

Deputy Creative Director


Angela Vives is a fantastic editor - talented, committed, creative, technically brilliant, personable and, as such, a pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for a job. Please contact me if you'd like any more information.

Colette Murray

Talent Manager

The Mill 

Angela is the most talented editor I have ever worked with, we worked together for 3 years at BBH, and on various edits for Baileys, Persil, Audi, KFC, BT, and many more. Her creativity, tenacity and passion for making the very best picture makes working with her an absolute pleasure. I wish you the very best in your freelance adventure!!

Helen Powlette

Senior Producer


I have known Angela for very many years.

She has been a trusted colleague on the many projects we worked together on at BBH.

She is a very experienced editor, able to manage large and small projects. She is the type of editor you can trust to get the job done, manage projects within the timeframe stipulated, as well as give the level of creativity each piece of work requires and deserves. Angela is a joy to work with, she listens and is able to add her voice with a view to making the work better.

I would wholly recommend her for any position she chooses to pursue. She will quickly become a valued member of any team.


*Reference check upon request