About Angela Vives

Angela graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts. Lived in Holland and moved to England where she completed an animation degree at Central St Martins. Followed by an invitation to participate in a Film Production course, sponsored by the European Union and run by Four Corners and VET. 
Since then, she has worked in post-production as a commercial off-line editor.

With over ten years experience in short form editing for high profile directors and brands, in companies like BBH, HAVAS  and The Mill, Angela has contributed to winning pitches and edited corporate films and commercials. For international brands such as Audi, Absolut, Persil, Baileys, Clarks, Mentos, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Axe, Johnnie Walker, Old El Paso and many more.
Angela currently works as a freelance video editor.

When she is not editing, she is illustrating children's books.

Avid and Adobe CS software proficient. 

English and Spanish speaker.